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Runs from Saturday May 4 2024 to Saturday June 8 2024

Approximate running time: 0 hours and 45 minutes


Stage West Calgary
727 - 42 Avenue SE
Calgary AB T2G 1Y8

Event Notes


A traveling troupe of performers ventured out to perform all over the world. They had planned for every story they knew... or at least they thought so. When Lasso chooses Snow White as the story she would like to perform, it becomes very clear, very quickly that no one else knows the tale. A whirlwind adventure begins with a princess, an evil queen, a poisoned apple, a magic mirror, seven small helpers and a prince ready to break a sleeping spell. How hard could it be for four performers to take on a story they've never heard of?

´╗┐Join us for a musical, comedic take on the classic fairytale you've come to love!

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